Lightyear Frontier Is A Farming Sim full of Mechs

Frame Break and Amplifier Games unveiled a new trailer for Lightyear Frontier, a farming sim full of mechs and we’re ditching the tractor as soon as possible.

Unveiled at the Mix Next Showcase over the weekend, the brand new trailer from Lightyear Frontier is set to bring something of a twist to the traditional farming simulator. The latest trailer for Lightyear Frontier gives farmers a glimpse at the replacement for the trusty tractor. Taking farming into a new frontier the grow your own adventure puts farmers in the seat of their very own mech. In the new teaser, the anime themed laser swords and buster cannons are out and a water hose is more likely to be on show.

The new trailer, which you can check out above comes ahead of the Early Access release for Lightyear Frontier, a new title that will let players grow, craft, and build their life on an alien world. Farming on the final frontier will offer up an open world blend of farming and exploration where anybody getting their hands dirty will have to plant crops, farm the land, and dive into a mystery-driven narrative with a cosmic country soundtrack. If that all sounds like a lot to take on solo, then online co-op play is also coming to the field, providing plenty of extra mechanical hands to plant and grow those crops.

Making this new life even easier, the mechs shown in the latest trailer seem to wiled a variety of tools, from harvesting implements to winches, laser cutters, and more. You can have a look at some of the potential tools and pick your robot companion before Lightyear Frontier makes its way onto Xbox Series X/S, PC. Check out even more over on the official website now.

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