RFM IS A Stylish Sounding Tactical Roguelike Coming To PC And Console

Indie developer Bromio has just unveiled RFM, a cool looking new tactical roguelike with a killer soundtrack that will land on PC and Console next year.

Despite the initial wave of big-budget showcases, E3 2021 is still throwing up surprises and games to look out for. Unveiled at the Gamespot Play for All showcase, RFM is a super stylish new adventure that thrusts players into a retro-future invaded by another dimension. Due to land on PC and consoles sometime ruing 2022, the newest title from the studio behind Patobox got a new trailer as part of the announcement.

The distinctive look and feel of RFM comes inspired by the Golden Age of Space and seventies retro-futurism. A cell-shaded world forces two realities into one and tunes in to a killer soundtrack that really makes his title stand out among the static of convention season. Alongside the cool aesthetic, this upcoming experience harbours a unique battle system that mixes real-time tactical combat with a pause button that lets you stop, assess, and attack before you plunge into a serious mistake. Each dive is different, meaning you’ll need to change your strategies on the fly to counter a dimension in flux while playing the part of a mercenary out to take on more of this brand new reality.

Jumping from the far-flung future into this odd mashup of retro comic book cells and unusual combat mashups makes RFM utterly intriguing. You can glimpse more of Bromio’s latest over on the official Steam Store now.

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