Ring of Elysium – English Language Option, Airdrops, New Weapons & More

Ring of Elysium

F2P Battle Royale game Europa also known as Ring of Elysium continues getting content expansions and updates. The latest update has added a variety of new features such as airdrops, language selection, daily and weekly challenges and much more as reported by Reddit.

While there are no official patch notes yet, let’s take a look what has been found by the players:

  • New weapons such as AUG and VKS, new sounds, boats & airdrops. Airdrops can be shot at to speed their descent.
  • Language selection system that allows players to pick English localization
  • Reporting system
  • Daily and weekly challenges
  • New character customization
  • UI layout adjustments, keybinds now reflected in the main UI
  • New weather – storm, complete with heavy rain, thunder, gusts of wind and big waves on the ocean

Ring of Elysium is a brand new online battle arena game, once again following in the footsteps of the seminal PUBG. Focusing on realistic combat, Ring of Elysium does not provide poultry sustenance for survivors. Instead, this mysterious environment sets a group of kidnapped participants against each other in a fight to the death. It features realistic weather, fantastic looking terrain, and the sort of detail that makes other arena games look a little half-baked.

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