The Perilous Bounty Update Comes to Abandon Ship!

The Abandon Ship team made a new blog post on the game’s Steam page to let all of ye brave captains know that The Perilous Bounty update has been added to the game!

Here are some of the major features of the update:

  • Sea Forts as a new type of enemy you can battle. As giant stone structures, they cannot be sunk, so you’ll have to defeat them in other ways.

Sea Forts provide a slightly different challenge for Captains to overcome. Victory provides a high reward, but you will take damage trying to defeat one – so only attempt hostilities if you’re in a strong position. In our playtesting thus far, we’ve found that specialised builds are more effective, so make sure you’re able to either get in super-fast and finish the battle quickly, or are set up for anti-crew warfare, or are extremely powerful at long-range and can disable the Mega-Mortar before it causes too much damage (the new Catapult weapon is handy for this).

  • If you engage in lots of piratical acts (or attack neutral Sea Forts) then the new Wanted Level will rise. As it passes certain milestones, negative-effects will come into play. Previously neutral Sea Forts will open fire as you sail into their vicinity, and Bounty Hunters will be dispatched to bring you to justice.
  • Trade Routes snake out from ports, and little trading vessels sail along them to their destination. You can raid these by sitting on the dotted line and pressing the “Raid” button. Doing so will increment your Gold, but will also raise your Wanted Level.
  • If you reach a high enough Wanted Level, Ports will close down and not allow you access. If you reach this position and need to get those pesky Bounty Hunters off your back, then find a Floating Outpost that acts like mini-ports event to the worst of pirates.
  • This update also includes 5 new weapons and two new combat-upgrades.
  • All maps will now repopulate their events over the passage of time, so you’ll no longer revisit previously explored places to find them empty.
  • The Kraken has received some love and attention. When it chases you throughout the game, it’ll now perform additional attacks on top of the standard hull-grab – so be prepared to deal with other things while you’re cutting those tentacles.

The update also brings expanded crew sizes, new skills, autofire & targeting and a lot of bug fixing and improvements to the game.

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