Toyforming Is All Your Toybox Dreams on Mobile

Toyforming is coming to iOS and Android, unleashing a playground full of family-friendly, artistic adventures.

Dinosaurs, sheep, cars, aircraft, and rocket ships are all at your fingertips today with the launch of Toyforming. Brought to life by Japan’s Toyforming Studio, this creative collection of ideas is set to unleash your imagination. A tiny digital toybox of ideas now means players will be able to bring their own ideas to life by simply drawing a picture and letting the powerful in-game AI do the rest.

A new trailer dropped to accompany the news, giving us an idea of what to expect too. Whether it’s plants, animals, or anything more outlandish you’ll be able to scrawl it all to life and watch your creations populate an AR globe. Items can be stored away in a catalog, brought back out for future use, and the environment even tweaked to suit a spookier theme.

“Toyforming is universal game that anyone can pick up and enjoy. It appeals to adults and children alike since all that’s needed is an active imagination and the sky’s the limit,” said Kaz Sasaki, CEO of Toyforming Studios. “Toyforming’s gameplay also presents a visual way to learn new words. This gives it huge potential as a tool to teach new languages, so we are currently looking to add more language options in the future.”

While it might not be a Flash Party or Genshin Impact, sometimes a Scribblenauts-styled side scrawler is the kind of creative license that any age can pick up and play at any age. Players can pre-register now for a sandbox full of fun via the official Toyforming website.

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