Elite Dangerous: Odyssey

Explore Inside A Fleet Carrier With The Elite Dangerous Odyssey Update 11 - Fleet Carrier Command screenshot

Explore Inside A Fleet Carrier With The Elite Dangerous Odyssey Update 11

Elite Dangerous Odyssey Update 14 has landed, adding some impressive looking interiors for the game’s massive Fleet Carriers. Looking to do more than simply park and ride? The latest update to Elite D...

Elite Dangerous Odyssey

The Elite Dangerous Odyssey Is Over On Consoles

Elite Dangerous Odyssey will not receive any future content across consoles, according to an update from developer Frontier. In a new blog post over on developer Frontier’s website, David Braben...

Futuristic Games to Play in 2021

The Sci-Fi game genre is one of the most widely known, loved, and respected. The futuristic appeal in Sci-Fi introduces space travel, other dimensions, robots and cities of the future and so much more...

Elite Dangerous - Odyssey

Elite Dangerous – Frontier Boss Offers Public Apology for Odyssey Woes

David Braben, CEO & Founder of Frontier Developments, has taken to the official forums to issue a public apology for the woes of Elite Dangerous Odyssey. Players have reported poor performance, bu...

Elite Dangerous - Odyssey

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Launch Falters Under Performance Issues & Negative Player Reception

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, the latest major update to the space-faring title from Frontier, just got off the launch platform on 19th May but it seems the review bombs are busy docking on Steam. After t...

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey

All Systems Go for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey on PC

Frontier Developments has announced that Elite Dangerous: Odyssey will be launching on May 19th. Odyssey brings impressive new gameplay options to PC players with the console version coming this fall....

Elite Dangerous - Odyssey

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey to Launch for PC Next Month

Frontier Developments has great news for PC players looking forward to Elite Dangerous: Odyssey. The new content that includes the ability to walk about on planet surfaces will be arriving on May 19th...

Elite Dangerous Odyssey

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Begins Alpha Phase 2

Things seem to be progressing nicely for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey. The upcoming expansion is currently in alpha testing and Frontier Developments has indicated that the first phase of testing is compl...


Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Alpha Preview

Spacefaring pilots are getting their first look at a whole new world for Elite Dangerous in the form of its new Odyssey update. For an already expansive universe created by Frontier Development, we no...

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