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The developers of MMORPG Bless Unleashed have taken to the official Steam page of the title with a letter from PC Head of Development Koven Park.  In the letter, the team goes over a number of topics such as the UI/UX layout, QoL improvements, combat experience enhancements, and more.

  • The initial UI/UX layout was designed for the console platform and therefore not optimized for PC. The vast changes and improvements are underway to reduce and remove aspects that contributed to the confusion or interfered with the gameplay experience.
  • The team is working on the quality of life and in-game guidance improvements such as numerical skill cooldown representation.
  • The unique combat system of Bless Unleashed will be continuously improved so players can hope to experience dynamic features.
  • The development team is also revamping in-game profanity filters, character name policies, and restructuring the player/region restriction to provide a respectable game environment so that players only have to focus on the gameplay itself, and nothing more.

Additionally, it was decided that the release date for Bless Unleased PC version will be pushed back until necessary improvements and further in-game polishing is complete. The team aims to complete additional developments by mid-July so that the game will be launch-ready in time for summer season.

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