Helzberg Diamonds Free Nintendo Switch Offer

Helzberg Diamonds Gives Buyers an Opportunity to Grab Free Nintendo Switch Console

Jewelry store Helzberg Diamonds has announced a special offer for their clients: after making a purchase worth $1,199 or more, you can get the free Nintendo Swi...

Fortnite Hidden Castle Rift

Fortnite Fans Found A Hidden Castle in Reality Rift

Players of Epic’s Battle Royale Fortnite have come across a hidden castle like structure visible inside the reality rift portal beneath the Wailing Woods....

snakebyte headset s

Snakebyte HeadSet S Switch Headset Review

It’s been around 18 months since Nintendo launched their mobile powerhouse and yet it the Nintendo Switch continues to shake up the gaming market. From surprise...

Steam High Five Digital Reality

STEAM HIGH FIVE: Digital Reality Goes On

Halloween is done and gone and it’s time to move on. While there are still some interesting looking horror/thriller type games making their way to the STE...

Overwatch Re-Install

Players Will Have to Completely Re-Install Overwatch

Blizzard Entertainment continues to expand and enhance their products, including the team shooter Overwatch that will be going through a big update. Community M...

Tesla vs Lovecraft For Science

Tesla vs Lovecraft is Getting a DLC For Science!

10tons Ltd has updated the Steam page of top-down arena shooter Tesla vs Lovecraft to reflect the upcoming DLC For Science! In Tesla vs Lovecraft, the player as...

Little Nightmares Soundtrack Spooks up Spotify

The music of great games is now, more than ever, integral to a great gaming experience. As publishers continue to realize the importance of this content, audien...

The Bug Butcher Review – Nintendo Switch

I know that I am old, but when I launched The Bug Butcher for the first time, I was immediately transported back to the early 1990s.  Why?  Because from the ver...

Steven Universe: Save the Light Nintendo Switch Review

When Steven Universe – Save the Light launched on Xbox One and PS4, it was a bit of a technical mess (see the Polygon review, for example).  What made thi...

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The Surge review

The Surge Review

Deck 13’s The Surge aims to be a game like Dark Souls – a brutally difficult but not impossible Action RPG with mystery, choice, and excellent combat abound. De...

9.1 Amazing
Review - Prey

Prey Review

Arkane Studios has done something that I haven’t experienced in gaming in a long, long while. It has created Prey, a game that actually makes me think. Sure, it...

8.7 Great
Man O' War: Corsair Review

Man ‘O War: Corsair Review

Tabletop games come in all shapes and sizes. Games Workshop has been the master of the open board game for decades now. They have always tried new ideas and the...

6.5 Fair
Warhammer 40k Dawn of War III

Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War III Review

Relic’s Dawn of War series has been one of my absolute all-time favorite RTS experiences. I remember, clearly, learning about the Warhammer 40,000 universe thro...

8 Great
the caligula effect

The Caligula Effect Review

The Caligula Effect has finally landed on western shores and it packed bag loads of potential for the trip. This title comes to PS Vita courtesy of Aquria, the ...

6 Fair
nba playgrounds review

NBA Playgrounds Review

NBA Playgrounds aims to be a return to the greatness of the 90s NBA arcade games. In short, it wants to bring back the glory of NBA Jam. For the most part, it s...

6.5 Fair
Super Rude Bear Resurrection review

Super Rude Bear Resurrection Review

Super Rude Bear Resurrection is going to make you die a lot. But unlike a lot of difficult games, that’s kind of the point. Developed by Alex Rose, not to be co...

8 Great
mario kart 8 deluxe review

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Review

It’s hard to knock Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, even if it’s just a “complete” version of the excellent Wii U racer. Thing is, not that many peo...

8.5 Great
Tank Warfare Tunisia 1943

Tank Warfare Tunisia 1943 Review

This is our Tank Warfare: Tunisia 1943 review, the latest in-depth war sim from Graviteam aimed at the hardcore history and strategy buffs out there. Tank Warfa...

8 Great
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Rockstar Shows Off 4K Ultra HD Trailer For L.A. Noire

Rockstar Games has shared a brand new trailer for the upcoming L.A. Noire. The game shows the story of detective Cole Phelps and his rise through the LAPD ranks...


Assassin’s Creed Origins Gameplay Extravaganza

We’ve spent some quality time with Assassin’s Creed: Origins over the last few days. To show you some of what you can expect when the game launches,...


Dragon Ball FighterZ – Nappa Trailer

Arc System Works Publisher and Bandai Namco published a brand new trailer for the upcoming fighting Dragon Ball FighterZ. After Majin Buu, the developers wanted...


Nightmare on Elm Street Coming to Dead by Daylight

Freddy’s ready! Behaviour has announced that Nightmare on Elm Street is coming to Dead by Daylight! Nightmare on Elm Street We don’t know exactly wh...

Max The Curse of Brotherhood

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood Comes to PS4 Next Month

Flashbulb Games has previously announced that platformer Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is going to receive a PS4 version. Now we know the exact date of the rele...

Lost Sphear Story Trailer

Lost Sphear – New Story Trailer “Restore the World”

Square Enix has shared a brand new story trailer for the upcoming JRPG Lost Sphear. The game is already available in Japan, but the rest of the world will have ...


Everspace Receives Encounters Expansion

Rockfish Games released the first major update Encounters to the roguelike game Everspace. The expansion adds new story characters, questlines, ships, equipment...

Steel Rats

Steel Rats Announcement Trailer Is Out

Tate Multimedia has released an announcement trailer for its upcoming 2.5D action game Steel Rats. It fuses together destructive, octane-fuelled motorbike comba...


Evasion – Multiplayer Sci-Fi Shooter Announced

Archiact has revealed its intense Sci-Fi VR bullet hell title Evasion that invites players to jump into action-filled co-op multiplayer battles. The game featur...

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