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Sand is the Soul is a 2D Beat-Em-Up That’ll Kick Your Butt

Seriously, we can’t make up things better than the PR minds. Fat Dog Games has announced its next game called Sand is the Soul. It’s described as a 2D beat-em-up that is quite literally de...

Skull & Bones

Will Skull & Bones Satisfy Players’ Need for More Pirate-Themed Content?

Pirate fans can rejoice in the knowledge that there will be a brand new swashbuckling game for console players in 2021. Skull & Bones is the first-ever release from Ubisoft Singapore, and it is se...

Warframe Octavia Prime Access Keyart

Octavia Prime Access Drops The Beat in Warframe Now

Octavia Prime, the newly redesigned Warframe for the hugely popular musical maestro Octavia has landed in Prime Access as part of the latest update to Warframe. Already available in Prime Access, the ...

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory PlayStation 4 Review

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory PlayStation 4 Review

Melody of Memory is the latest installment into the fan-favorite Kingdom Hearts series by Square Enix, available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Fans of the series and newcomers alike...

7 Good

The Underrated Gaming Gems of 2020

With a brand-new year in front of us, gaming fans should be excited by the prospect of new releases coming their way. The trouble is, paying premium prices for the latest titles tends to burn a hole i...

Unto The End - Launch Trailer

New Switch Games This Week – December 16 to December 18

A new week means a new selection of games coming to the hybrid console Nintendo Switch. From exclusive titles to long-awaited ports and bold indies, as always, there is something for every type of gam...


Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered PC Review

We are living in a world of Hollywood remakes and reboots, and video game remasters as well. Criterion and Stellar Entertainment have come down the pipe with a remaster of a remake in Need for Speed: ...

9 Amazing
Doom Eternal Adds New Master Level - Super Gore Nest

Doom Eternal Adds New Master Level – Super Gore Nest

Bethesda invites all Slayers to experience a new challenge and earn some cool rewards by trying out The Super Gore Nest Master Level. Like previous Master Levels, it takes the original you know and lo...

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