Fortnite Live Star Wars Event Saturday December 14th!


There is no denying Epic Games is really changing the landscape of games doing everything in their digital power to stay a step ahead with fresh and exciting events that  millions around the world can participate in so it was of no surprise that they would have something special to announce at the 2019 Game Awards. We were not disappointed and Fortnite fans around the world are in for a treat!

Epic Games had announced the Star Wars event earlier in the month but many eyes on the Game Awards no doubt weren’t aware and even someone like me is seriously contemplating jumping in because I LOVE Star Wars!

The Star Wars scene will only be shown off once in game, and that’s it. If you miss out on the event, you likely won’t be able to officially watch the scene until the movie comes out on Friday, December 20. The action will begin at 2 p.m. ET this Saturday, December 14 and everyone participating get this awesome Whisper Glider that ironically wasn’t so quiet when it landed on the screen during last night Game Awards announcements!

So be sure to set up your game as soon as you can if you haven’t already and ensure you can log in then come back tomorrow bright and early so you don’t miss out getting a front row seat at the Risky Reels location you’ll be able to access from the battleroyale main lobby on your platform of choice (this event will be available on all mobile, console, and PC systems) then switch the game mode to the new playlist.

Earlier this year the first event of its kind occurred with international renowned Dj – Dj Marshmello who played to 10 million people and because of this alone all eyes are on Fortnite this weekend to see if this event will surpass it, lets see tomorrow and have a good weekend Gamespace readers!

Looking forward to seeing how else Epic Games keeps us on our hype toes in 2020!

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