Project Aether: First Contact Lands On Steam Today

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Project Aether: First Contact lands on Steam today bringing gamers a flashback to twin stick classics that with plenty of flashy new graphics.

Getting set to take off on PC, this new indie twin stick shooter is a title clearly looking to take inspiration from and build on those adrenaline fuelled arcade shooters of old. Taking place in an undisclosed future, an alien threat hangs over humanity but thankfully you are around to shoot up the menace. Across 9 distinct levels, players will launch into a flashy 3D environment full of challenges. Waves of enemy craft will stand in front of human firepower.

The lone human mech that sets out on an adventure can take on this title with an arsenal of weapons, from long ranged strike weapons or slashing energy swords. Other powerful weapons, including the rapid fire assault rifle, high impact railgun, concentrated particle beam, and more are available to upgrade and customize the AETHER mech with, ensuring that there is more than one way to take down an invading alien attack craft. This wide range of weapons provides more than one set of tactics for a range of difficulties, boss rush, and survival modes available.

Of course, we’ve seen plenty of indie twin stick shooters hit steam over the years bute Project Aether: First Contact promises any pilot that straps into the cockpit of the powerful AETHER mech an engaging Sci-Fi story, a thoughtful twist on the classics, and at least 9 massive boss battles to blast a hole through. If you want a more old school take on games like Daemon x Machina then jump into an AETHER and head over to the official Steam Store page today to check out the challenge that awaits pilots. Alternatively, check out the action int the official trailer above. Good luck pilot.



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