construction simulator 2022 - picture of trucls

Construction Simulator Is Building Back Even Better In 2022

Construction Simulator is set to return to PC and consoles with a new adventure this year that builds on the legacy of this series. Fans of Construction Simulator, the digging, driving, and all round ...

Farming Simulator 20 Review – Nintendo Switch.

Whether you’re an MMORPG fan or a simulator fan who enjoys resource hunting or crafting, the thought of being able to build your own empire with the richest crops or healthiest livestock flits a...

5.5 Average

Construction Simulator 2 Review – Nintendo Switch

On November 6th Construction Simulator 2 from developer Weltenbauer launched on Nintendo Switch. Already available for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One the mere idea of getting ALL the construction...

7.8 Good

Our Review of When Ski Lifts Go Wrong

Poley Mountain.  It is the place where I experienced the nightmare that every first-time on the slopes has: falling at the ski lift. Sparing you all of the details, I will simply say this: I fell, the...

8 Great

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