valentines day

10 Games to Play with Your Player Two This Valentine’s Day

Sometimes, you’d just rather stay at home and play a game with your significant other. You could order food to pick up, or have it delivered to you, and never have to step out and deal with the ...

Borderlands 3

Break some hearts in Borderlands 3 starting today

While everyone else in gaming is celebrating icky-gooey love stuff for Valentine’s Day, Borderlands 3 players are showing that they are made of tougher stuff. No roses and candies for these folk...

ARK: Love Evolved

ARK: Love Evolved puts players under Cupid’s spell

ARK players will be able to delve into the love stuff now that ARK: Love Evolved has landed in game. The event runs from now through February 18th and provides players an opportunity to “give di...


Explore paths of love in Dauntless during Saint’s Bond

Dauntless players in the mood for some love stuff will definitely want to check out the Saint’s Bond event that kicks off today and runs through February 27th. During the event, players will ...

Gears 5

Cupid’s Torque Bow Tag is back in Gears 5

Looking for a bloody good time for Valentine’s Day? If so, look no further than Gears 5 and the Cupid’s Torque Bow Tag event that is running from now through February 18th. During the event, pla...

sega love

SEGA Wants To Make War With You, Not Love

This year’s Make War, Not Love contest from SEGA is a doozy, so we’re taking the easy way out and we’re going to let the announcement do the talking. You’ll thank us when you r...

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