She Sees Red Brings Bloody Murder to Mobile

She Sees Red, an interactive thriller from developer Rhinotales, is about to bring its brand of gritty storytelling to iOS and Android devices this December.

Due to hit your mobile on 4 December, this detective story is a little different to the point and click adventures we’re used to seeing on handheld systems of late. She Sees Red puts players right in the middle of a gruesome scene. Playing as a lone detective, gamers taking on this case are tasked with unraveling a series of murders at a popular nightclub, and it all unfolds in full motion video.

Hi Def Grit

Unlike the cartoon pixel ports of great mobile games like Flashback, this mystery hunts down every lead in a fully scripted, professionally edited feature that plays out without the sub-par delivery of early 90s FMV adventures, and not a single CD ROM in sight. With more than 90 minutes of footage, She Sees Red also offers a variety of endings to the mystery it holds. As you question leads and track down suspects you will make choices that have a definitive effect on the outcome of the story. If you are ready for something very different on your mobile then this mature mystery adventure is worth considering.

If you remember those early days of FMV games then you’ll already be familiar with what we don’t want to see. Tha fully this title has already played out on PC to some very positive responses. If you couldn’t get enough Bandesnatch you will want to keep an eye out for She Sees red when it arrives in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store on 4 December for a meager $2.99 or local equivalent. To find out more about She Sees Red check out the trailer above or head over to the official website and duck under the police tape.


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