Mass Effect Andromeda review - softcore space porn

Mass Effect: Andromeda Review

Mass Effect Andromeda is a game about hope and new beginnings in many more ways than one. It is a fresh start for BioWare by taking the series to Andromeda with Ryder in the lead and doing it all usin...

8.5 Great
Mass Effect Andromeda is Basically Dragon Age Inquisition

Mass Effect Andromeda is Basically Dragon Age Inquisition in Space

I’m going to start this little op-ed by saying I like Mass Effect: Andromeda so far. I’m about 2-3 hours in, and while the argument I pose here is probably salacious to some, I’m writing this because ...

Mass Effect Andromeda Video

Mass Effect Andromeda Video Explores ‘Golden Worlds’

Bioware has released the latest Mass Effect Andromeda video that explores ‘golden worlds’. Travelers from the Milky Way will inhabit these worlds as a replacement for Earth. This video int...

Tech Test

Multiplayer Tech Test Not Incoming for Mass Effect Andromeda

It seems Bioware is curbing earlier promises that there would be a multiplayer tech test for ME:Andromeda. It seems that there simply isn’t enough time to do so. Bioware producer Fernando Melo d...


PeeBee Loyalty Mission Spotted in New ME: Andromeda Video

If you want lots of spoilery footage of PeeBee, IGN has you covered in a brand new video. The Asari is one of several companions in Mass Effect Andromeda. The Video Spoils Lots About PeeBee If youR...

Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda Boss Backpedals on Softcore Porn Comments

Mass Effect Andromeda GM Aaryn Flynn has backtracked on recent statements about the game. A couple days ago, Flynn took to Twitter, to say that MEA featured “softcore space porn”. As Bill ...

Mass Effect Andromeda review - softcore space porn

Mass Effect Andomeda is Softcore Space Porn, according to BioWare

Well, there’s a headline we didn’t expect to write on a Monday. You read it right: apparently the partial nudity of previous Mass Effects is gone, and that means we can expect full on digi...

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