Mortal Online 2

Mortal Online 2 Now Allows Player to Chill by Fishing

Star Vault has announced the release of a brand new patch for its upcoming MMO, Mortal Online 2. The patch introduces a host of bug fixes and feature enhancements as well as a new way for players to e...

Genshin Impact Is Getting Fishing

Looks Like Genshin Impact Is Getting Fishing

It looks like Genshins Imapct’s incoming 2.1 update will add a bunch of new content that includes fishing. After spending a weekend trying to fish in Amazon’s upcoming New World MMO It seems that miHo...

VR Games - Hunting & Fishing

Best Hunting And Fishing Games To Play In 2021

Every sport under the sun is widely accepted in the gaming world – Madden, The Show, and Fifa all top the charts with each annual release, no matter how minuscule the updates are. Even lesser fo...

The Fisherman – Fishing Planet Review

Any time I talk to a non-gamer about playing a video game that simulates a real-life activity I am always asked by the uninitiated why I would waste my time playing a game when I could just do the rea...

8.1 Great

STEAM High Five – January 25th Edition

Another week that highlights the immense variety of niches that the gaming industry, both indie and corporate, are scrambling to fill. From MOBAs to FPS to space flight simulators, and even farming si...

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