House Flipper review

House Flipper Review

House flipping once upon a time was just something that people did to make money. It eventually evolved into something that became entertainment for people with a few television shows. But now it may ...

7 Good

Deployment – It Just Falls Short

I’m a pretty big fan of a twin-stick shooter.  In general, I really like the mechanics – they’re easy to get into but have a nice skill ceiling for being a good player.  To me, Magic...

5 Average

Sims 4 Seasons Review – Is It Too Late To Begin Playing This Game?

Everyone has heard about The Sims developed by Maxis and The Sims Studio, published by Electronic Arts it’s been around since the year 2000 but I have found many over the years who have not play...

9 Amazing
Prey Mooncrash review

Prey: Mooncrash Review

Prey’s new “alternate game mode” Mooncrash is something of an anomaly. You have to launch Prey to launch Mooncrash, which then closes Prey to open the mystery first-person roguelike....

8.2 Great

Our Review of Gray Dawn

Within this article, we will be taking a close look at Gray Dawn by Interactive Stone for PC. The self-described “psychological thriller with religious elements” is a bit in my wheelhouse, mainly beca...

5 Average

Towards The Pantheon – A 16 Bit RPG Adventure

You awaken and are immediately thrown into a journey that will test your skill and your wits. Your goal is to head towards the pantheon and save your world in this lighthearted, fun, dark, and painful...

8 Great

Throne of Lies Review

By now I assume all of us gathered at this table has played some sort of boardgame with friends and family. You know the kind where we have to betray, backstab, trick, or troll the group for the funsi...

Our Haimrik Review

Plenty of titles have tried to give dialogue a functional place in video games. Typing of the Dead prompted survivors to shuffle their way through a horde of literary challenges, while games like Scri...

7 Good

Safe House Review – A Game That’s Overwhelmingly Safe

With cool retro vibes that hail back to classic cartoons like Pink Panther, Safe House from Indie developer Mark Collins AKA Lab Games get’s you intrigued with the possibility that you are about...

3.5 Bad

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