Amazon Game Studios

New World

New World Adds Winter Convergence Festival

Amazon Game Studios has sent out the latest game update for its hit MMO New World. Players can find a number of endgame changes, new quests, and the first-annual Winter Convergence Festival. Marked by...

Lost Ark

Lost Ark Begins Closed Beta Testing

One of the most keenly anticipated MMOs coming in the near(ish) future is Amazon Games‘ Lost Ark. Developers have announced that the “MMOARPG’s” closed beta is now live in Nort...

New World Server List

With New World having broken the current hype bar causing servers to queue into oblivion, new servers have been released and we have the list for you and your eyes only. Well, your eyes and those you ...

lost ark dungeon screenshot

Lost Ark Delayed to ‘Early 2022’

Smilegate and Amazon Games have announced that the highly anticipated MMORPG Lost Ark will not be arriving in the west until early 2022. As late as E3 2021, both Smilegate and Amazon Games were primin...


Is Bezos An MMORPGer?

With my favorite MMORPG this minute New World mere weeks from launch, one question burns deep within my soul, is Jeff Bezos an MMORPG? Before you scoff and point out that he is in fact, an astronaut, ...

Amazon Game Studios Announces Lord of The Rings F2P MMO

Amazon Canceled The Lord of The Rings MMO

In 2019 Amazon Game Studios announced a collaboration with Leyou Technologies Holdings Limited and Middle-earth Enterprises to develop and publish a free-to-play MMO game based on The Lord of the Ring...


Amazon’s Crucible Returns to Closed Beta

When Amazon Game Studios’ Crucible launched into its first-ever “pre-season” on May 20th, it came with less-than-stellar reviews from the community that had been looking forward to t...

New World

Two New World Posts Detail Crafting & Progression

A pair of new developer diaries have cropped up on the New World site that lay out new details about both crafting and character progression in the forthcoming MMORPG. Crafting will allow players to c...


Crucible Devs to Shelve 2 of 3 Game Modes

When Crucible launched last month, it came with three separate game modes. According to a new developer update, however, only one of the three has been a runaway success with the community. As a resul...

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