Manticore: Galaxy on Fire Switch Review

If any of my readers are old enough to remember the days of Space Sims like Privateer or the original Wind Commander Series than you, like me, long for some of those classic titles. Countless hours sp...

Ash of Gods Reveals Combat System in New Trailer

Russian developer AurumDust released a trailer outlining the combat systems for their upcoming turn-based RPG, Ash of Gods. This combat system will revolve around the management of five different stat...

Flying Tigers

Flying Tigers: Shadows over China launches on XBOX One today!

FLYING TIGERS: SHADOWS OVER CHINA is an air-combat action game based on the historical events of America’s secret volunteer squadrons that defended China against Japan in the China-Burma-India theatre...

Abandon Ship

Abandon Ship – Combat Gameplay Video

Fireblade Software has published a new video dedicated to the combat gameplay of roguelike game Abandon Ship. What is Abandon Ship? Players take command of a vessel in a fantasy setting of “Age ...

For Honor Art

For Honor Review

For over 1000 years you have been locked into what has become an eternal war. Each side has unwittingly become the pawn of an evil deity. Her pleasure is your turmoil, your pain, your blood. Taking on...

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