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Many bugs

Many Bugs Died for New Horizon Zero Dawn Update

Many bugs died for the new Horizon Zero Dawn update. The patch is now live for PlayStation 4 players who will immediately notice some neat new stuff. We’re pleased to announce that Patch 1.10 for Hori...

Story Expansion

Story Expansion Incoming for Horizon Zero Dawn

A big new story expansion is coming for Horizon Zero Dawn. Sony, pleased with 2.6M sales worldwide, is hinting around at all the new content. Sadly, No Other Story Expansion Details Guerrilla Games te...

drawn to death free for ps plus members

Drawn to Death is Free for PS Plus Members, Launches April 4th

Twisted Metal and God of War designer David Jaffe took to the PlayStation Blog today to announce something of import to fans of over-the-top action games – Drawn to Death is Free for PS Plus Mem...

Nier Automata

Nier Automata

Nier Automata is a free world action RPG developed by Platinum Games and published by Square Enix. The plot of the game centers on Earth being invaded by alien enemies. The planet was crushed by th...

making of Horizon: Zero Dawn review

Horizon Zero Dawn Review

Horizon Zero Dawn shouldn’t exist. Everyone knows Guerilla makes shooters like Killzone, right? But here we are, and you’ve seen other reviews – this one is legit. One of the finest ...

9 Amazing
Horizon Zero Dawn character progression

Aloy’s Skills and Character Progression Shown in Final Horizon Zero Dawn Trailer before launch

Horizon Zero Dawn is, at its core, an Action RPG, with some pretty deep story choices, character progression mechanics, and of course, loads of loot. In the last major trailer before the game’s ...

FlatOut 4

FlatOut 4

FlatOut 4 isn't your standard racing game. It is one where crashing is the objective right up there with winning. FlatOut 4: Total Insanity is the latest entry in the series that takes fast-paced, ...

6.8 Fair
Embers of Mirrim

Mirrim Trailer Shows Dashing, Diving Gameplay

Creative Bytes has released a new gameplay trailer for an upcoming platformer called Embers of Mirrim. You’ll see the main character, Mirrim, performing amazing tricks through tons of puzzles. Y...


Ruiner – Blow Through 2091’s Darkest Alleyways with Guns Blazing

The PlayStation blog has been updated with a new post to introduce the world to Ruiner. Players can look for the PS4 shooter later in summer 2017. The description is hard to beat. “We will drag ...

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